V-SY 68


There is something about purity, a tingling in your neck, a wave of excitement running down your spine, the thrill of a promise in the air
– a glimpse of pure innovation, one step further down the line of time.
A retro, avant-garde style with elegant shapes that unify into one; an eccentric, yet calm appearance, paired with state of the art tech innovations, make a one of a kind superyacht of tomorrow. Strong in character, smart in layout and designed around today’s requests for outstanding autonomy, privacy and sustainability.

A proposal that is shining through its platform – versatile in adaptations, scale and layout, where the owner’s state room, for instance, can be placed in the most prominent compartment, looking out to the aft of the yacht, with no disturbance by any guest or crew activity. In this case, it’s the attention to detail and numerous smaller adaptations and innovations that make for a truly well-functioning design that will work inside and out!

"Most sailing superyachts are designed to win regattas and require a very fit crew and very expensive maintenance. This one particular concept is the key to a niche in the market by bringing comfort, space, and safety without neglecting performance and maintenance costs."

Romain Acquaviva, VALENTIN Design


1214 Vernier, Suisse


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