Good design is just as essential as its foundation. Here at Valentin Design our outstanding conception and execution abilities are carried out by a team comprising skilled naval architects and designers. We are versatile and agile as we have a background in both engineering and design education. As style itself is clearly relative, we specialise in customising the product down to the very last detail, and in total alignment to the client’s wishes, where our international and diverse cultural influences come into play. We are not limited to a certain doctrine, as each of us embraces what design is today: A melting pot of the very best and most beautiful that humanity has been able to create. Taking the very definition of what beauty is: A vehicle to ENHANCE each moment, state of mind and experience to secure total soul satisfaction. The result is a range of yachts which are as innovative and daring as they are exceptional.

“Valentin Design, a group of very talented Designers with an enormous technical background and a very positive mindset. They are fast, professional and very detail-oriented with a strong focus on innovation. It is a real pleasure working with this team on our common project “Time” and learning their understanding of total custom yachts, naval architecture and design.”

Björn Benecke, Sales Manager Yacht Department, ABEKING & RASMUSSSEN

Valentin was born and raised in a small village near Stuttgart, Germany. Although surrounded by only car enthusiasts, he found his interests in water-sports, boats, sailing and waterskiing. Having studied industrial design and naval architecture, he combines his passion for yacht design with a sound understanding of the principle that boats must float. He was awarded a bronze medal in the 2019 European Product Design Award (Transportation category) and went on to win the 2020 Boat International Young Designer of the Year Award. “Exploring new design concepts, and appreciating the beautiful small things that surround us, has shaped my design philosophy. Life is too precious to risk not being passionate and daring. This essential realisation motivates me daily to strive for the best design, only the best.”

Having discovered sailing at a young age while growing up in Corsica, Romain’s passion for yachts grew as an adult where he spent nine years working on all aspects of yacht refits  and construction in the Caribbean while enjoying single-handed and transatlantic passages conveying yachts. He studied naval architecture at ENSA in France. “Designing super yachts requires me to constantly research new aspects about the field of naval architecture in order stay innovative. It’s the best part about my job.” His practical experience of working in the yacht industry, coupled with his love of sailing, allows him to create designs with both form and function in mind. He feels most happy
when sailing, fishing, free diving and being outdoors.

Natalie is particularly interested in designing for the best possible user experience. That requires working closely with clients and to empathetically understand and solve their needs. She was raised in a town close to the Swabian Jura and studied Industrial Design in Germany and in the Netherlands. With experience living in Sweden and Costa Rica, she brings a broad perspective and multicultural understanding. “As a designer, I am proud to work on projects that improve people‘s lives. In my job I enjoy solving complex problems and creating impactful solutions.“ With Natalie‘s passion to design for people‘s well-being and sustainability, she is an award winning designer who convinces her collaborators.


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