The Interior of TIME is a manifestation of aesthetical bliss and physical comfort that distinguishes itself through extreme luxury.
It holds a perfect balance of soft curves and straight lines that invite you to discover pleasurable materials melting with hard surfaces.
The interior matches down to the finest detail: from woollen and silk carpets, metamorphic marbles to warm and homelike woods.
All of these elements tell the story of craftsmanship, comfort and freedom.

"TIME’s interior is an opportunity to create an escapist modern fantasy version of yacht design for an unmatchable, joyful experience"

Valentin Weigand | Director | Valentin Design Sur Mesure

Feel the tranquility of a sleeping area with a discrete office nook, followed by an airy open space tempting you to the jacuzzi area.
Relax in one of the two en-suite bathrooms and dressings, with a wooden and marble tub, or a spacious walk-in shower.
All of the Owner‘s State Room areas are connected and equipped with amenities like tilting glass shutters. They have been designed to bring an atmosphere of private openness and provide excellent air circulation for profound comfort and high-quality rest.


1217 Meyrin – Genève, Suisse


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