Mist on the hills in the distance – a river making its way through the calm and dull landscape. A somewhat mysterious, secretive energy covers every leaf, every stone, slightly wet from the night’s chill.

And there it is. The first glimpse of the rising sun, a new day is starting, a new day full of potential, slowly forcing the night to retreat. Birds start to sing, and suddenly all seven senses start to pick up the river’s water – strong and demanding, loud and untamable, the fresh breeze that howls over the cornfields like it has never been night before – a real orchestra of sounds – a beautifully harmonious SONATA of nature.

SONATA offers the versatility and thrill of a sailing yacht with the space, luxury and comfort of a motor yacht. Looks and lines are the logical consequence of a well-thought-out, progressive design process that has one objective: to create a BUILDABLE, eco-friendly superyacht of tomorrow.

In order to fulfil this ambitious premise, Valentin Design relied on its background in naval architecture, the technical advisory of renowned German shipyard Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven, as well as various experts in their respective fields.

The outcome offers a truly unique experience with lots of small perks that will make the vessel a class of its own: Battery packs that allow for a hotel service for 12 hours, recuperative energy gains through the propellers while sailing, reduced draught by having a retractable keel, cost reduction through low maintenance and a well-proven DynaRig system – just to name a few.

We are on the brink of a new decade of more sustainable, smarter yacht designs that seamlessly include naval architecture into the design process right from the beginning, to be able to create designs that WORK as a whole – SONATA is the answer: A luxurious and entertaining platform for all occasions.

Good design is about making things work together as an entity – and that especially applies to SONATA. Strong, confident lines merge with sleek surface transitions. The elegant and sophisticated forms are designed to follow a practical and emotional function.

We create purpose. Reflect intentionally. Innovate even in the smallest details. Carefully sculpted surfaces ensure that SONATA’s silhouette is the star in this emotional symphony, a well-composed orchestral piece. Not just from the coastline, but from every angle – this composition is setting the trend.

"Sonata embodies sustainable yachting, without compromising functionality or comfort for all those who will enjoy life onboard"

Derek Munro | Divergent Yachting
Innocence and purity serve for a timeless design. SONATA is going to endure the test of time by introducing a sleek and elegant sculpting that puts function and harmony before brutality. True design legends have one thing in common: the reduction to the necessary and the acknowledgement of the environment in which the object is acting – something that needs to be considered from the first sketch. The grand gestures of our time are of a humble and somewhat secretive nature – SONATA reintroduces a lifestyle of power through PURITY.

"Sonata delivers a package that makes sense - the result of a well-thought-out, meticulously planned and properly executed design process"

Valentin Weigand | Director | Valentin Design Sur Mesure

What matters most is not the looks from the beach, the helicopter perspective or the craziness of the exterior. What is far more important to us at Valentin Design is the EXPERIENCE on board: the handrails, the vibe and mood it offers, the selection of materials, the optimised layout. All are key elements to provide a very defined encounter with what is BEAUTY today: An invitation to let yourself go and take joy in the small things without being disturbed by sheer opulence. SONATA will unveil true satisfaction.

Owners Exterior Deck

EXPERIENCE includes matching  down to the finest details. A good design strives to harmonise all aspects of a project, and these custom-designed exterior lounge chairs represent the total unity and attention which SONATA embodies to be able to serve as one element. Handpicked fabrics, colour palettes and the right feeling for what works in context: these chairs personify what it takes to design at the highest level.

Custom Designed Lounge Chair

This option for the owner’s state room maximises space as well as comfort, and ensures privacy where it’s most needed. It provides stunning views to the outside, and includes a dedicated private exterior deck. EFFICIENCY and clear passageways are the bone structure of the arrangement. HIS and HER suites, comprising each their own bathroom and dressing room, open out into the main bedroom. Floor to ceiling windows with blinds, as well as the room’s star-shaped structure, provide added levels of privacy, and the latter also allows for separating the room when needed. Its SPACIOUS feeling and effortless layout is essential to make an EXPERIENCE inside one to remember!

Owner´s State Room


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