V-MY 40


There are multiple aspects that make a stay in tropical latitudes an experience of its own, such as the melting pot of European architectural influences, a vibrant food scene and a climate that invites you to slow down, take a breath and enjoy each moment.

It’s certainly a different lifestyle that destinations like these make during a lush and attractive stayover – a lifestyle that is the foundation of the philosophy of this project. Our emphasis on interior/exterior architecture, rare finds materials and infusion of culture and centuries of history results in a comprehensive, almost nostalgic design transferred into the modern age.
Maximum volume and smart use of space ensure that one does not MISS OUT on what is special about yachting: the possibility to access the most exclusive and unique places on earth, without having to compromise on style and comfort; a secure yet luxurious hide-out to calm the nerves and mind. In this case, with colonial flair, European heritage and a Caribbean vibe all at your disposal!!

"A functional layout combined with quality materials creates an atmosphere that invites one to relax and reconnect."

Natalie Wochner, VALENTIN Design


1214 Vernier, Suisse


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